1. The distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround or be generated by a person, thing or place

Latest Art

Open Sky

Kasia Sifantus
Striking piece, featuring gold leaf, shimmering through the clouds.


Kasia Sifantus
'Secrets of the Soul' series. Abstract and full of movement. Gold leaves shinning through the brown and bronze pigment.

Golden Skies

Kasia Sifantus
Dramatic yet beautiful abstract seascape, capturing the moment when water hits the rocks, under the golden sky.

Featured Art

Open Sky

Kasia Sifantus
Striking piece, featuring gold leaf, shimmering through the clouds.

Rain Dance

Ewa Czarniecka
Bold, bright and beautiful. This eyecatching original oil painting is simply stunning.

about us

Aura Fine Art is an innovative concept in the art world. Offering everyone the opportunity to invest in the best in emerging talent as well as internationally established artists, we believe that art should be available to all.

Here at Aura we seek to inspire, curate and deliver the best that the contemporary art scene has to offer, with the facility for clients to choose the artwork online from our impressive portfolio. They can then have it delivered to them at home and try it in situ before committing to owning; we guide each prospective purchaser in the most relaxed way possible. Our aim is to empower our clients to select and own the artwork they love.

Our partnerships with other art dealers and galleries equally allow us to source many of the collectable investment pieces from world-renowned artists.

Home Approval Service

No items found.

Here at Aura we believe in the importance of you seeing the artwork you have chosen positioned in your home before committing to owning. We therefore offer a home approval service, where we will bring the painting(s) to you and view the piece(s) together in the space you love.

If you know you would like to invest in some artwork but are unsure which direction to take, we also offer a design service. We can come to your home or do a virtual visit to discuss your requirements, before putting together a selection of pieces we think will work well in your environment. Our aim is to provide the ultimate buying experience, enabling you to choose incredible artwork by seeing it in context.

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